Sharing the Love Valentine Cookie Contest

This month’s members-only social in the garden will celebrate Valentine’s Day on Saturday, February 13, at 2:00 with a Valentine cookie contest. Make and bring your favorite Valentine cookies to share. Everyone in attendance will get a ballot to vote for their favorite cookie. The first place winner will receive a garden gift basket and the runners-up will receive prizes, too. Winners will be announced at 3:30.

In keeping with our tradition of giving back to the community, we will be holding a donation drive to benefit SafePlace. SafePlace provides emergency and support services to families escaping domestic or sexual violence. To learn more about what they do, visit their website at

Most needed items at SafePlace:
Children’s socks and underwear (new)
Full size bottles of unopened adult shampoo and conditioner
Baby Wipes
Razors and Shaving Cream
Diapers sizes 3-6
Pull-Ups sizes 2T-5T
Baby Shampoo
Baby Lotion
Baby Powder
Unopened body wash/soap
Feminine Hygiene Products
Baby Bottles
Sippy Cups

One response to “Sharing the Love Valentine Cookie Contest

  1. Hello to all gardeners. I wanted to thank the person who left the beautiful rock art at my garden. It is amazing, it touched my heart and was very thoughtful of you. Many Thanks- Carol Sahm


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